Canine Emotional Detox Program
9:00am to 5:00pm September 15th and 16th 2012

What is Canine Emotional Detox?
This program is a combination of emotional, mental, and physical exercises that when combined form a powerful relaxing and detoxifying experience for dogs. Diane Garrod recognized and studied the human body's response to spa vacations and applied the same concept to dogs. She has engineered an amazing program that incorporates things such as low-stress training and exercising, bland diets, massage, TTouch, nosework and simple puzzle games that incorporate a whole health approach to training.

What does CED do for dogs?
Just like us, dogs experience complex emotional experiences that effect their entire health. Stress releases hormones into the body that take a lengthy time to be expelled from the blood stream. When the body is riddled with stress hormones it can be difficult for the dog to learn effectively. This program teaches the dog the skill of relaxing - yes, that is a skill! Hyperactive dogs in particular need to learn how to slow their body and brain because they often cannot do that on their own. This program is great for rescue dogs that have been exposed to lengthy periods of time in a shelter; sport and working dogs that are constantly straining their body and brain for our benefit; and dogs that engage in anxious, fearful, and/or aggressive behaviors - the detox will best prepare them to be receptive to behavior modification. Diane has case studies of over 100 dogs from various backgrounds that have responded positively to her program.

Why do pet professionals need to learn about CED?
As trainers, rescuers, or pet/service/therapy/sport dog owners we are responsible to provide our dogs with the best physical and emotional care we can. As a professional dog trainer I often hear the common conception that, "a tired dog is a good dog". I constantly try to counter that notion with "a mentally and physically healthy dog is a good dog".  For example strenuous exercise is a stressful experience and too much exercise can be just as harmful as no exercise, at all.  This program strives to find the balance between thinking and moving in thoughtful and purposeful ways. If you own or work with dogs than you need to learn about this program.

Only 6 working spots are available! This program is mostly geared towards reactive, fearful, aggressive, and anxious dogs. If your dog would like to attend the working spot costs $300 (only $25 more than the basic ticket) and you MUST email me at to discuss a behavioral profile about your dog so we can best accommodate and work with him/her.

Local attractions: The event is taking place on a beautiful and serene alpaca farm.  Right next door is the famous Mr. Mcgregor's farmers market that is a well-known attraction for delicious farm baked pies and other goods.  Six Flag Great Adventure and Safari is 9 miles away.  Less then 5 minutes from the farm there are numerous hotels and motels. Historic Princeton is 15 minutes away and beautiful, quaint Mount Holly is right down the road. The alpaca farm is in a wonderful location that is also close to the Northeast Corridor Train Station.

After August 5th price of enrollment increases to $325

Ticket type
If you are planning to bring a dog with behavior problems to use as a demo, you must buy the ticket that includes one dog and email so we can incorporate your dog into the program.